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Date: 24 Mai 2008
  • Elvenking : En studio pour enregistrer un album acoustique
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    Voici la nouvelle en ligne sur le site officiel du groupe:

    ''Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of updates here! Since we have announced the idea of the acoustic album you havent heard from us so much.
    Now we are happy to announce that we are ready to hit the studio very soon and start the recordings. On June 1st Zender will start hitting the drums!

    In this period we have worked like hell on the songs. Everything is in place talking about the basic structures of the tracks. We are especially working on the drums since its the first thing to be recorded.

    Zender is going deep into the songs...another couple of rehearsals and we will be there!! There is still a lot of work to do concerning the arrangements, the harmonies etc. but we are really working hard also on that side.

    Recordings will take place once again at Sherpa Studios while we will move to Germany on the first days of August to mix the album at Gernhart Studios with Martin Buchwalter (who already worked on Wyrd and The Scythe albums). You can expect a good number of guest musicians playing different and unusual instruments..and probably more suprises to come!!
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    Guillaume Cyr
    Post par
    Guillaume Cyr
    le 24 Mai 2008
    Dbut: 1997
    Pays: Italie
    Style: Folk Metal
    Site Internet: Visiter
    MySpace: ...
    Elvenking ft form en Octobre 1997, initiative des guitaristes Aydan et Jarpen (autrefois connu sous le nom de Dag'or'dil), de vieux amis qui partageaient la mme passion pour le mtal et...
    Dernire critique
    Era (2012)
    Pour les fans de metal mlodique, Elvenking est devenu en quelque sorte un incontournable. Depuis leur premire sortie en 2001 avec "Heathenreel", ces Italiens s'aventurent dans le...
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