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Date: 5 Mai 2016
  • Eluveitie : La fin du groupe ? Merlin Sutter, Anna Murphy et Ivo Henzi quittent
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    Est-ce la fin du groupe folk metal Eluveitie ? Une chose est certaine, c'est la fin d'une ère. C'est le départ de trois membres ; Merlin Sutter, Anna Murphy et Ivo Henzi. Il semble y avoir des frictions internes depuis un certain temps et ceci a mis en terme à leur collaboration.

    Message sur la page Facebook de Eluveitie:

    D'ailleurs, Anna Murphy a mise en ligne ce message :


    "Dear fans & friends

    It is important for me to share with you my personal thoughts on my departure from Eluveitie. I am doing so with great regret, and to some extent I myself still struggle to grasp the situation. Yet I must try to express myself honestly and impartially.

    For 10 years, Eluveitie has been at the very centre of my life. I did not want to leave, but was left with no other choice.

    The particulars of what happened should remain internal, and I ask you to understand and respect this wish. I can say, however, that grave personal conflict lies at the heart of it. In my view, these conflicts could have only been resolved by taking a break altogether. My corresponding proposal was declined. What's more, essential decisions have been taken without consulting me or giving me the opportunity to take part in the discussion.

    I've thought this through thoroughly and have come to the conclusion that there can be no future for me with the current line-up of Eluveitie. This has been an incredibly difficult decision, and one that makes me very sad.

    I can only hope that you will understand; it is because of all of you that this step is so difficult for me to take. Elu fans are the best fans in the world, and I will remain eternally grateful for your longstanding, unconditional support! I also encourage you to look forward to Eluveitie in its new line-up. And I of course hope that you will enjoy my other and future projects, because one thing is clear: I will never quit music. I am already working on new songs and will form a new band. I’m thrilled to tell you that both Ivo & Merlin will be a part of that new band.

    It is incredibly difficult to leave a successful band and begin anew. But one of the most important things in life, in my opinion, is to surround yourself with good people and to do what you love. This is precisely the goal I will pursue. It is impossible to know where this may lead me... But I have always lived in the here and now, doing what I believe is right. Music is and will always be my life, I quit school when I was 16 to join Eluveitie and plunged into a life of uncertainty and rock’n’roll for which I have no regrets whatsoever.

    I also want and need to shortly comment on the band statement. I must accept the feelings and wishes and I have no intention of creating a bad image of Eluveitie, but am still slightly confused by certain words. I have always loved and stood behind our music, I gave it everything and supported as well as helped form diverse visions we had. That the band developed into something that it wasn’t meant to be is something that was never mentioned to me nor did I perceive it that way. All of this is new to me and I wish I had been made aware of these views before this all happened.

    Nevertheless I would like to thank Chrigel Glanzmann for giving me the opportunity to join his band, grow with it and experience the touring life. This band has to a certain extent made me into what I am today, which is something I am very happy with. I wish him all the best and continued success.

    In the meantime check out Merlin Sutter & Ivo Henzi - Official statements as well to get some more clarity and feel free to message me anytime. I will always keep you updated on what’s happening with my new (and old) musical endeavours and I’m looking forward to what the future holds.
    I'm still playing the shows until June and my last show will be on the 5th of June FortaRock - The Festival.

    I can only hope that you, dear fans and friends, can understand what has lead me to write these words. And I hope that you know one thing: your support means everything to me! I thank you with all my heart and hope you will join me on my future path.

    - Anna"


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    Marc Desgagné
    le 5 Mai 2016
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