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Groupe: Silent Exile
Album: Dancing With Death
Le groupe qubcois Silent Exile a t cr Montral au printemps 1996. La formation est compose de Chriss J.Y. (vocal), Fabrice Blanchet (guitariste), Sylvain Gagnon (basse), Denis Ainsley...
Groupe: Suicidal Tendencies
Album: LightsCameraRevolution
Le groupe punk/hardcore Suicidal tendencies, continue sa transition vers le metal. Depuis How Will I Laught Tomorrow When I Cant Even Smile Today et le EP Controlled by Hatred - Feel Like...
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H Album Styles Anne
Hail Of Bullets ... Of Frost And War Death Metal 2008
Hail of Bullets III The Rommel Chronicles Death Metal 2013
Hak-Ed Damm Black Tortured Metal Black Metal 2008
Hak-Ed Damm Nekrowristfucked Black Metal 2010
Halford Made of Metal Heavy Metal 2010
Hamadryad Live In France 2006 Progressive Metal 2007
Hammer On Faith United Slayers Death / Thrash Metal 2008
HammerFall Glory to the Brave Power Metal 1997
HammerFall Legacy of Kings Power Metal 1998
HammerFall Renegade Power Metal 2000
HammerFall Chapter V : Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken Power Metal 2005
HammerFall Threshold Heavy Metal 2006
Hammerfall No Sacrifice, No Victory Heavy Metal 2009
Hammerfall Dominion Power Metal 2019
Hands of Despair Her Death Metal Progressif 2008
Hands of Despair Hereafter Death Metal Progressif 2011
Hanibal Death Machine Sombres Visions Industrial Metal 2016
Hanker Snakes and Ladders Power Metal 2000
Hanker Web Of Faith Power Metal 2004
Harm The Nine N Metal 2012
Hate Eternal Fury and Flames Death Metal 2008
Hate Eternal Phoenix Amongst the Ashes Death Metal 2011
Hate Eternal Upon Desolate Sands Death Metal 2018
HateSphere The Sickness Within MetalCore 2005
HateSphere Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes MetalCore 2007
HateSphere The Great Bludgeoning Death / Thrash Metal 2011
Havok Time Is Up Thrash Metal 2011
HB Frozen Inside Symphonic Metal 2008
HDK System Overload Death Metal Melodic 2009
He Is Legend Few Rock 2017
Head Crusher Head Crusher Single Heavy Metal 2000
Headaches Hung by a Thread Death Metal Melodic 2009
Heathen The Evolution Of Chaos Thrash Metal 2010
Heathen Beast The Drowning Of The Elephant God Black Metal 2012
Heaven And Hell The Devil You Know Heavy Metal 2009
Heavenly Coming From The Sky Power Metal 2000
Heavenly Sign Of The Winner Power Metal 2001
Heavenly Dust To Dust Power Metal 2004
Heavenly Carpe Diem Power Metal 2009
Heavens Gate Livin' in Hysteria Heavy Metal 1991
Heavens Gate In the Mood Heavy Metal 1997
Heavens Gate Boxed Heavy Metal 1999
Heavy Manic Souls Heavy Manic Souls Blues/Rock 2011
Heidevolk Walhalla Wacht Viking Metal 2008
Heidevolk Batavi Viking Metal 2012
Heidevolk Vuur van verzet Folk Metal 2018
Heir Of Destiny A New Day Power Metal 2007
Helloween Walls of Jericho Power Metal 1985
Helloween Helloween Power Metal 1985
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys (Part I) Power Metal 1987
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys (Part II) Power Metal 1988
Helloween I Want Out Power Metal 1989
Helloween Pink bubbles Go Ape Power Metal 1991
Helloween The Best, The Rest, The Rare Power Metal 1991
Helloween Master of the Rings Power Metal 1994
Helloween The Time Of The Oath Power Metal 1996
Helloween Better Than Raw Power Metal 1998
Helloween Metal Jukebox Heavy Metal 1999
Helloween The Dark Ride Power Metal 2000
Helloween Rabbit Don't Come Easy Power Metal 2003
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy Power Metal 2005
Helloween Live on 3 continents Power Metal 2007
Helloween Gambling With The Devil Power Metal 2007
Helloween Unarmed Power Metal 2009
Helloween 7 Sinners Power Metal 2010
Helloween Straight Out Of Hell Power Metal 2013
Hellvetron Death Scroll of Seven Hells and Its Infernal Majesties Black Metal 2012
HellYeah Stampede Groove Metal 2010
Hemoragy Jesus King Of Wine Thrash Metal 2007
Heol Telwen An Deiz Ruz Black / Folk Metal 2005
Herege Bang Your Heads Heavy Metal 2006
Herman Frank Right In The Guts Heavy Metal / Hard Rock 2012
Herrschaft Tesla Industrial Metal 2008
Hevisaurus Ryh! Power Metal 2011
Hexen Being And Nothingness Progressive Thrash Metal 2012
Hidalgo Infragilis Power Metal 2007
Highlord Instant Madness Progressive Metal 2006
Hillward Flies in Amber Stones Progressive Metal 2016
HIM Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice Rock Alternatif 2010
Hirax El Rostro de la Muerte Thrash Metal 2009
Hiverna et Chasse-Galerie Aube Septentrionale Black Metal 2008
Hokum No Escape Death Metal 2006
Hollenthon Opus Magnum Dark Metal 2008
Hollow Cynoptic Eschaton Black / Death Metal Progressif 2010
Hollow Grief Buried Alive ...Again Heavy Metal 2006
Hollywood Undead Swan Songs Rock / Rap 2008
Holodomor Temoignages De La Gnose Terrestre Black / Thrash Metal 2012
Holy Grail Crisis in Utopia Heavy / Power Metal 2010
HolyHell Apocalypse Symphonic Metal 2007
Holyland Everything Comes From The Pain Heavy Metal 2006
Honeymoon Suite Feel It Again (An Anthology) Hard Rock 2006
Horna ni Yss Black Metal 2006
Horna Sotahuuto Black Metal 2007
Horna Pimeyden Hehku Black Metal 2008
Howl Bloodlines Sludge 2013
Howling Syn Devilries Gothic Metal 2004
Howling Syn A Taste Of Modern Evil Progressive Gothic Metal 2008
Hugh Laurie Didn't It Rain Blues/Rock 2013
Human Carnage Feast Of Darkness Death Metal 2009
Human Fortress Defenders Of The Crown Power Metal 2003
Human Fortress Raided Land Power Metal 2013
Humanoid Remembering Universe Metal Instrumental 2008
Hundredth Rare Rock 2017
Hurtlocker Fear In A Handful of Dust Thrash Metal 2006
Hurtlocker Embrace The Fall Thrash Metal 2007
Hybreed Chaos Dying Dogma Death Metal 2013
Hydria Poison Paradise Symphonic Metal 2010
Hymnosis Unmasking Faces Groove Metal 2012
Hypocrisy Virus Death Metal 2005
Hypocrisy Hell Over Sofia - 20 Years Of Chaos And Confusion Death Metal 2011
Hypocrisy End of Disclosure Death Metal 2013
Hyskal Insight Progressive Metal 2005
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